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Server Installation

To run Figaf IRT on your own hardware does require a few extra resources and also function for your full integration team. Then it is time to take it away from running on your laptop. 

You will need some database like

  • Oracle
  • DB2
  • PostgreSQL

We normally say IRT needs around 4 GB of memory to use and then if the database is running on the same host it will add up. 

We have customers who use IRT from their cloud provider like Azure, Google or AWS. It is possible to configure connection with that cloud provider and your on-premise systems. As alternative you can use a normal desktop/workstations with having all the resources you need to run IRT in a productive mode for some developers. If you run with many developers and many tests simultaneously then you may need to add more resources.

In the manual you can see all configuration parameters to setup IRT to run on



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