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This module will guide you thru you can setup Figaf IRT to test with CPI and testing. There are a number of different options for it. 

IRT Installation with Standard SAP PI Logging

This installation is the best option in regards to doing a Proof of Concept(PoC) of the Figaf IRT because it does not need any installation on the SAP PI system. You can also just use your own user for the test in most cases. There are some flows that we do not support and therefore is better with the Figaf Modules installed on your system. 

Recording can be done in two ways

  1. Using the standard Logging on the ICO. For this to work you must either have setup logging on BI (before the processing) and AM after the message has been processed. If they are not logged you must switch it on globally or on the specific iflow.
  2. IRT can also add the standard SAP logging modules to the beginning and end of your module chains. The user needs API access to get the information.

IRT has two ways of fetching payload data

  1. Webservice to fetch payload. This requires you to have upgraded/patch your systems since April 2017. If IRT sense the module is not there then it will suggest using the web scraping
  2. Web scraping of the message monitor. Here IRT acts as a user on the Message Monitor page and go thru the page and download all content. It is much slower than the web scraping but it makes the testing possible even on the older system.

You can configure this in the Configuration -> Agents

IRT Installation with Figaf Modules

This is the best way to test with Figaf IRT. It is faster to create testdata without giving too much overhead on the system. It does require you to install the Figaf IRT SCA on your system. You will also need to install an agent user on your system. More information can be found in the manual


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